How to create a stunning website using WordPress

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Why should I create a website ?

So let’s start with basics, if you are a owner of any business, it is a great chance to introduce your company. Alternatively, if you are keen on blogging & sharing experience or even earning which is why most of you want to create a website, it is the right time to start!

Let me explain, within rapidly increasing interests in this field, you won’t be able to get the best result for you website if done later on. Why? Because millions of blogs & businesses are being appeared on the web, and afterwards you will be lost among the millions if not billions! So, do not even think, start NOW!

What should I know first of all ?

The very primary thing you need to know is how your website will go live. It means, appearance on the internet.

In this blog, we will create a website using WordPress. WordPress is the simplest, most popular way to create your own website or blog which is being used by 455,000,000 websites. You probably wonder why? Because it is completely FREE and very easy-to-use!

Get a Domain name

What is a Domain Name ?

Domain is the name of your site : Example is the “Domain Name”

How to get a domain name ?

These steps must be done properly:

First, you need to enter to buy a Domain Name and a Hosting Plan, if you want 25% discount enter ONLY via this link and type : nameboy in coupon form. CHECK INSTRUCTIONS BELOW

Additionally, if you enter via the link above and purchase a Hosting plan on, you get 1 Year FREE Domain Name

Follow these steps first after entering

After clicking on “WordPress Hosting” , go down to this section and select WP Starter


Choose Billed $3,75 Monthly

Then Click on “BUY NOW

Type domain name you want

Check availability of the domain name

Click to Continue

Follow these step shown in the picture below

After completion, amount should be as low as $2,81!

Click on “Proceed to Billing”

Your are Almost Done !

Fill the billing form after clicking on

Proceed to Billing

POSTAL CODE – How to get it?

Just type : Postal codes in “Your Country” and choose the one which is near to you area

If you live in Azerbaijan, find your Code here Codes In Azerbaijan

Go down at the same page where you filled billing form and choose a Payment Method


If you choose Card payment :

Enter the information needed –

  • Card Number
  • Exp. Month and Year
  • Security Code (explained below)

If you choose PayPal payment :

You will be redirected to your PayPal

Security Code : 3 digits at the back of the Card

( shown in the picture)

Congratulations You are Done!

Your website will be active in 1-24 Hours, sometimes it even takes up to 48 Hours.

If you face any issues, simply contact me via Facebook – Aykhan Quliyev

Do not forget to note your Login and Password

In the next post I will teach you how to Activate WordPress on your Website, so do not forget to come back, but if you want to make it as soon as possible, contact me via Facebook –

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