The Best Resources for Learning Spanish Online for Free

Free Education for Everyone!

Useful Websites —Spanish from zero — 1000 most common words — Books , videos, various useful materials — Grammar from zero — A1 level — for materials and posters — A great website for Spanish — Simple and understandable Spanish guide — Grammar , online video lessons — Seviyyenizi yoxlayin ( test your level ) — The BBC encourages the learning of many languages. Here are various household situations, tests in Spanish, links to interesting sites. —Pronunciation, grammar, vocabulary. —Exercises on all topics. —Various tools, as well as language cards, audio recordings with language carriers, dictionary, diary. – This site believes that learning a language should be fun.

Vocabulary – Official explanatory dictionary of Spanish. – Spanish Slangs — International explanatory dictionary. — Translator-dictionary — Expansion of vocabulary.

Audio and Video resources

Youtube — Spanish lessons from scratch — Spanish in a simple and detailed explanation — A Stunnning channel for learning the language — An online course full of video lessons. The program monitors your development — A youtube channel that can be useful — For positive and hardworking learners — Speak as the native Spaniards —Texts from the Cervantes Institute at 3 levels.

Detective works — Video lessons cover more everyday topics. — The popular Euronews TV channel also broadcasts in Spanish. The main advantage of the channel is that it shows short videos. As there is text, audio and video, it is possible to listen and read at the same time.

Tətbiqlər ( Apps ) — Speaking book— Speaking book

Social Media — A group which gathers together Spanish lovers — Another group for Spanish lovers

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