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Most of us need VPN for some reason, so I decided to provide you with info about the Organization that provides Free & Fast VPN all over the world.

SoftEther VPN is developed by University Tsukuba, Japan and provides free VPN to all its users! There are no trial periods, hidden costs, ads and stuff that you are likely to see in other softwares.

The original website is

I am going to illustrate exactly how to configure it to your computer ( macOs, Windows).

SoftEther VPN App

You have to download VPNGATE Relay Servers as well

Run it

Proceed your donwloading process

Connect to a Server

Choose the Appropriate server

And You are done! 🙂 Enjoy the Safety

Specialist can use this VPN on Mobile but it may seem hard to configure it on Mobile so instead I prefer to use a good FREE VPN App ( Shown below )

VPN for Mobile

Click on all those 3 highlighted buttons

I hope it was useful for you

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  1. Rza Huseynov says:

    Hi, admin.
    Firstly, thanks a lot for introducing this great software to us!
    Secondly, I would like to make a suggestion –> The download link that you have suggested doesn’t come with the “VPN GATE Public Vpn Relay Servers” window [connect to server – in the post] (for me, at least). Instead, you can suggest this link, with which I could successfully set up my software.
    The new link :

    Thanks a lot for your efforts, again. Keep it up!

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